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Why move to Newhaven?

Newhaven is part of a wonderful community. It is a great place to live and certainly moving up the ladder in the towns worthy of buying a property. The town doesn’t easily reveal its charm, but there is a lot on offer that people tend not to discover until they have visited or moved to the area. 

It’s on the coast

Sun, sea, the south downs and a ferry to France! Reasonably priced properties and many with views. In fact, living in the Newhaven community, you have the best of both worlds, the countryside and the seaside.

Stand on the Napoleonic Fort on the cliffs, and you will immediately see the potential of the area’s natural beauty surrounding you, Seaford bay, the rolling downs and the cliffs, plus the attraction of water sports, hang-gliding, walking, fishing, skateboarding, surfing and wind-surfing. There are of course all the normal sports like football, tennis, indoor gyms, a swimming pool and a large indoor bowls club on Denton Island. Something for all ages. 

Newhaven has some great pubs, cafes and eateries with a new development about to open on the river called The Sidings. Families and their children enjoy Paradise Park and the Dinosaur Park; there is a local museum and lots to explore at The Fort. Newhaven has two marinas, one opposite the ferry terminal and another on the branch of the Ouse River, which has houseboats and boat builders.

The town has a good deal of charm and local people are friendly, genuine and hard-working. Newhaven has recently been described as having ‘grit’, the kind of grit that you find in an oyster, but which turns into a pearl. The town values its creative energy and passion and there is a great artisan community where raw, rugged and natural artistic talent connecti nature with the sea and Newhaven’s industrial heritage. 

As one of the original Cinque Ports, Newhaven became a busy marine town with strong fishing and manufacturing industries. Industry is still very much part of the town today and provides a wide range of jobs which are moving over to more green, sustainable technologies such as the very successful Rampion Wind farm.

Situated on the estuary and also on the edge of Southdown’s National Park, the area is full of character and contrast from the intimate Sardinian delicatessen on the business park to the home of VantablackÆ, the world’s blackest coating which is verified as the darkest man-made substance. 

Twenty minute’s drive from Brighton, the same toe premiere club Brighton and Hove Albion’s football stadium at Falmer, 15 minutes to the lovely market town of Lewes and only 5 minutes from Seaford and its glorious long seafront.

If you haven’t considered buying or renting a property in the town, it is worth getting in touch, and we let you know when something suitable comes up.


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